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Rianne Ragdoll Kitten Information

Kittens will be placed at 12 weeks of age.  They will have had their kitten vaccinations and pets will have been neutered.  All kittens come with a current health certificate and a guaranty against genetic health disorders.  My adoption contract is written with the cat’s best interest as paramount.  I specify that the kittens are not to be declawed or allowed to roam outdoors.  I realize that many people feel an indoor cat should be declawed, and for many years, I was one of those people.  It was just something “we always did”.  I now know the damage this does to the cat as their toes are mutilated.  My kittens are provided a scratching post at a very early age so they learn appropriate scratching behavior.

Monet and Matisse had four beautiful lynx kittens on 7/10/04 - 2 seal mitted boys; 1 blue bicolor boy and 1 blue mitted girl.

Neesha and Matisse are expecting babies on 8/11/04.
Please contact me about kitten availability. 
kitten prices start at $600.00




Home ] About Us ] Our Cats ] [ Kittens ]

Rianne Ragdolls
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